To accompany his father in the ward New Year

When many people take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday with a small family to visit the motherland mountains and rivers or outbound travel time; when thousands of families decorated, family reunion, to celebrate the New Year, I was in the home county hospital wards, Heavy father, spent a gripping and happy Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year.

Nearly 85 years of the father, more than 10 years ago with chronic emphysema, with age, the disease increased year by year. Every winter is the father of the most difficult season. Accompanied by many years of old problems every year recurrence, hospital treatment ranging from a week, as many as ten days and a half months. In previous years, the incidence of his father usually at the end of the winter or the mid-twelfth lunar month, from the onset of the hospital during the Spring Festival. More than a month ago, the father of the old disease has been a recurrence, I also asked to leave home for a few days, full of thought that he can safely spend the winter of the elderly. Did not expect the twelfth lunar month on the morning of 27, younger brother and sister were calls emergency: father last night old disease recurrence, is the county hospital intensive care unit.

My wife and I had to temporarily change the original holiday arrangements, hurried back to his hometown. The medical staff to rescue the night, his father has saved the day, from the Intensive Care Unit to the general ward to continue treatment. See tossing a sister and sisters all night, one by one exhausted, as my brother, I offered to accompany the night by my responsibility, the wife is to take up the responsibility to buy food to cook rice.

Festive night, a small town night sky, fireworks blossoms, firecrackers constantly, thousands of families decorated, loved ones reunion, joy. I was in the county hospital wards building a ward, accompanied by a sick father, and sometimes give him a few mouthfuls of warm water, and sometimes give him Chuichui back, wash his face with hot water to wipe his body. My father's chin was long, and I pruned him carefully. As a result of severe pulmonary infection, the father of poor breathing, cough constantly, moaning, overnight sleepless nights. See the then robust father, now being tortured by the disease so painful uncomfortable, I heartache. I would like to suffer for him, hateful that they do not return to power, can not alleviate the pain of his elderly, can only softly comfort, do some such as watering, rubbing, Chuibei like trivial matter to Mianbozhili, . I continued to accompany the ward for two nights, can be said to sleep for two nights, personally experience the hardships when accompanied.

Driven by my brother, New Year's Day from Jiangsu Xuzhou fly back to the third brother, the night to take the initiative to accompany the father ward, the next night to continue to adhere to, but also the two nights all night. In the countryside Shangfen burning paper, I see the third brother two red, yawn constantly, asked him okay, he even said nothing, but also said to me: "I am far away from home, rarely come back to honor their parents, usually are you a few Brother brother to take care of their parents, this time let me do a good filial it! "Third brother said to do, to visit his family leave in the end, before he went to ward accompanied his father insisted night.

Two brother-in-law is not far behind, scrambling to the ward to accompany his father. The big brother-in-law at night in the escort, for helping his father turn around accidentally flashed waist, and made himself lying in the bed drip. Even so, but also to accompany his son on behalf of his night. This fight when the escort, all filial piety of the family tradition, I moved.

This time my family to show the simple family tradition, I think parents should be the result of preaching and deeds. His father, a three-year-old mother, although life much hardship, but also by the stepmother abuse, but he has a Bodhisattva heart, not only a sense of righteousness, charity of people, and is a hatred, My father in addition to honor my grandfather, after the two grandmother, but also on their uncle, brother care for Canada. The father's uncle Mody Aunt, no children under the knee, in the sixties of the last century after the famine died, is the father single-handedly do the next thing, the two old buried. Father's brother-in-law, that is, our Daddy Aunt, although there is a woman under the knee, but marrying a foreigner, family difficulties. Daddy aunt older, can not help oneself, his father came forward to coordinate, multi-run, the old couple to the town homes for the elderly. Because the production team is willing to take one person's rations, another rations section, the father is let us 5 siblings share 10 years. Daddy aunt were living more than 80 years old died, but also the father took the lead, let us five siblings as dutiful son, has for the two old Shou Ling, sent to the Hill buried.

Father of silent action, than the strict tutor, monasteries in the eyes, we know the true meaning of goodness and filial piety, understand how to behave and behave. Therefore, when the home of a dangerous situation, especially the father seriously ill hospital, siblings are duty-bound to take responsibility for the performance of filial piety, is a good family out of their parents a good interpretation.

In the eyes of our brothers and sisters, the father is a clank tough guy, though after the ups and downs of life, suffered many grievances, are rare to see him out of tears. However, his father during the hospital treatment, there are two scenes to his tears.

That is the first day of the afternoon, I and three brothers to visit the ward two families. Originally this year, the Spring Festival is not going to come back to the third brother of a family of three suddenly appeared in front of his father, so his father was a little surprised: "You have a long way to come back! Gengrang father surprise is that when my son to bring a new daughter-in-law to his bedside, repeatedly shouting "Grandpa", and holding his hand kept comforting. Days of the disease tortured by the father was weak, suddenly glowing, exposing a few days without a smile, a long time holding my son's hand kept saying: "grandson finally come back to see me!" Said two lines of tears slowly from the corner of the eye stream Out. I rushed forward, while helping him wipe the tears, while softly comfort: Dad, do not be excited, peace of mind recuperate. Your grandchildren will often come back to see you in the future!

I understand why my father is so excited. Because my son is his only grandson. He has great expectations for this grandson. The son is the police, because of their special, the Lunar New Year is often the busiest, not his turn on duty, is an urgent task to work overtime, for several years did not come back to visit his old friends. This year, the son of the unit is not long ago to be adjusted into another unit, the Spring Festival "small holiday" the first four days did not turn his attendance on duty. That his grandfather seriously ill hospitalization, sensible son will not hesitate to bring a new wife back home to visit Grandpa. When the father lying on the sick bed to see the grandfather did not return for many years with a new wife suddenly appeared in front of him, how can he excited old man, tears.

On the second day of the first month, our brother and sister 5 family in a restaurant after dinner, went to the hospital ward to visit his father. This year the Spring Festival is more than a decade to come back the most homogeneous family time. Far away in Jiangsu home work of the third brother of a family of three back; over the years the Spring Festival is always absent my son, this is also breaking the normal with a new wife back; younger brother and sister's daughter are brought back to her boyfriend; Sister of four children, has two "daughter" married married, and are born male and female, and a pair of "dragon and phoenix twins" has grown up, also in pairs knot to triumphant return. Brother and sister 5 family all in attendance, together with parents parents, the family of four generations together a total of 31 people.

When a family of people into the father's room, where the three-tier outside to stand in front of his father's bed, greetings, how warm and happy. More interesting is that the big-sister a few months old grandson and granddaughter, was holding two niece each father's bed, two "elf" dancing, kept jumping, and issued a string of cheerful laughter Sound, the house full of people amused laughter Lang Lang. At this time, I saw lying on the bed of the father, his face showing a happy smile, his eyes again out of a bunch of tears ... ...

I understand the father's mood at this moment. His father always likes to make trouble, especially the Chinese New Year, the family reunion, grandchildren around the knee grandchildren, is his oldest wish, according to a family portrait, but also his long-cherished wish of the elderly. Unfortunately, the past 15 years, the annual Spring Festival family reunion, for various reasons, not the return to not come, that is not to the whole family is difficult to get together, so the family photo has not been made.

Father did not think of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Year, he spent in the hospital wards, but did not expect the Spring Festival this year, the whole family back so homogeneous. When you see a four generations of the Chinese New Year together in the Year of the Rooster, how can he sincerely excited old people. At the same time, he also thought of the New Year, so that a small family because of his reunion in the ward, it is he is very reluctant. He complained: "I drag you, let the whole family had a bad year!" I quickly stepped forward to persuade him: Dad, do not say so. See it, you nurtured so many generations, four generations of the same class, people flourishing, good fortune. We all love you, have come to see you, I hope you peace of mind recuperate, a speedy recovery. You and your mother would like to believe that there are so many children and grandchildren to accompany care, you two old blessing such as the East China Sea, health and longevity, old age will be more happy!

My niece quickly with the phone to take a family portrait, can ward small, many stations do not open, combined with the light is too dark, niece put out posture shot several times, the results are not the whole family into the lens. Good not regret! It appears that the family portrait and come to nothing, had to wait for next year's Spring Festival to meet his old man's wish.

time flies. Blink of an eye, the end of the Lunar New Year holiday, people who work hard outside have also left home, go their separate ways. The first day of the seventh day of the morning, I will be a third brother to the airport, but also back to the unit to work. But the father has not fully recovered, still living in hospital wards, had to care and accompany father burden to his siblings at home. I am guilty, but rogue, who told me is a wandering outside the "office workers" do. Hey! I had to "loyalty and filial piety can not be both" to absolve themselves.


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